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4 Things I’d Do To Grow Laurel Portié’s $7/Month Ad Program (Without Ads)

Updated: May 31, 2023

I’m sure you’ve seen one of her ads.

They pop up everywhere.

And for good reason too.

They work. Heck, they got me.

Laurel has built a 7-figure business off running the most simplest and (cheapest) ads, and she helps other business owners how to do the same thing.

Her business model is genius.

It’s a $7/month subscription model, however it comes along with multiple upsells.

For the $7/month model you get access to the entire course (which is worth way more imo) and a FB group where you can ask Laurel questions. Sometimes she does Q & A too.

The next service is the “Lean On Laurel” program. Its $1k/month and you get direct support with Laurel with your ads.

She also has a $90 video marketing course as well as some other things.

But the main thing we’ll focus on growing is her $7/month program, which by default will grow every other product she has.

And of course, I’m going to show you how I would build this thing without ads. Yes, how to grow an ads course without ads.

Let’s get into it.

1.) Bundle One “Free” Year With Business Coaching Programs/Masterminds

I say put quotation marks over the word free because it’ll only be positioned as free, but Laurel will be getting paid either way.

Let me explain.

As someone who has been in multiple business masterminds, I can say that many of the content on ads is dated, not explained well or flat out horrible strategies. It’s also very common for masterminds to not teach ads, which I understand, it may not be their thing.

However, I’m sure we can all agree that learning how to run profitable and inexpensive ads for your small business is pretty dang valuable. Right?

So might as well offer it to your people for “free” and make your entire offer more compelling, you see?

Business coaching masterminds tend to charge $5000+

I’m sure they can afford one-year of the 7/month program as apart of joining. It’s only $72. I think you can even get away with three months, which is only $21.

This will get more people onto Laurel’s customer roster. With her program being so valuable, I can see high numbers of people continuing to stay on for only $7/month after the free pass is up.

I would lock in this kind of deal with as many masterminds as I can, which will in turn bring in a constant stream of customers for the foreseeable future.

And the beauty is that as those coaching programs grow, so do you.

Refer to this article here to see the kind of email I would send them to land these kind of deals.

Also, if you want to learn more about this kind of selling, it’s called Integration Selling, which I wrote an article about here. Click here to read more about how it works.

2.) Position The Course On Partner's Upsell Pages

Another form of integrating your business into existing traffic streams is to find products and services that your product or service enhances and position yourself on the upsell page.

For example, inside Laurel’s program, she teaches you how to scale organic content with cheap and profitable ads.

If there was a course that showed people how to use organic social media to grow a coaching business, we could agree that Laurel’s program could enhance the value of that course.

So, instead of that course sending someone to a Thank You Page, I’d have them redirect their customer to an upsell page that makes an offer for the $7/month course.

I’d even consider offering a 30-day free access and charging their credit card after the first 30 days.

This way you can take advantage of qualified buyers who are already in the “buying window” and will continue to buy if offered more valuable things.

Assuming Laurel has a high LTV due to her upsells, she could offer an affiliate commission, although it’d be small, to the partners.

If the numbers make sense, I’d even offer to give the full first year's subscription. Again, assuming the numbers are known and make profitable sense.

3.) Set Up “Unsubscribe & Unsold” Partnerships With Competitors

Not one that many people think of is leveraging the traffic of a competitor, which is something I would do here.

Specifically, I’d find companies and individuals who sell courses or coaching on ads or offer any ad agency type of service.

Chances are they have an email list, and chances are there are people who unsubscribe from that list.

What most people do is just let their unsubscribers go in the wind and fall into the arms of a competitor.

But what if you were the one to put them in those arms?

Here’s what I mean.

Let’s say Dan Henry sells a course on how to run Facebook ads. And people unsubscribe from that list, clearly showing they’ll never buy, instead of doing nothing with them you can get Dan to hand them over to you.

For example.

You can create an unsubscribe message that says “We’re sorry to see you go, but if you’re still interested in learning how to run ads I recommend you check out my friend Laurel Portie who can show you how to run $5/ads that enroll multiple high ticket clients a month. Click here to learn more.”

Then you can work out some rev share deal on higher-end products if the margin is there to make it more of a win/win type of situation.

Again, working these kinds of deals in with multiple companies that work directly with ideal buyers for the $7/month program.

4.) Make A Training That Can Live In Other Courses/Membership Sites

This is something that I have done myself for my Power Pitch Program and it has worked well.

What I’d do in Laurel’s case is make a training sharing one of her cheap ad strategies. Whether it’s the $2/day ads, or $5/day ads an overview of how all the ads work together.

Laurel delivers more than enough value so it’ll be good enough to live in another person's/company's course.

At the end of the training, I’d lead them to the $7/month program.

This kind of marketing converts well due to the fact that when you’re endorsed by someone that your audience trusts and respects then you will be trusted and respected quickly too, making it easier for people to buy from you.

You do not want to underestimate the power of endorsements. Heck, every strategy I’m sharing here is built off being endorsed by other companies and organizations.

It’s a genius play for any business owner, especially someone with a product as good as Laurel’s $7/Month program.

In Conclusion

And there are four things I would do to grow Laurel’s $7/Month program without ad spend.

  • Bundle One “Free” Year With Business Coaching Programs/Masterminds /

  • Position The Course On Partners Upsell Pages

  • Set Up “Unsubscribe & Unsold” Partnerships With Competitors

  • Make A Training That Can Live In Other Courses/Membership Sites

Simple, and all Laurel needs to do is hire a team member and put them in charge of setting up all of these partnerships and before she knows it, I’m sure a flood of customers would come in consistently.

Ones that maybe would’ve taken a bit longer to nurture, or ones she would’ve never reached in the first place.

Give me a holler if you try any of these strategies Laurel. You know where to find me.

And for the rest of you..

What business or company would you like to see me grow next? Send me a DM on Facebook or Twitter.



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