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A Deadly Mistake For All Business Owners

Watch Out For This Easy Trap

"You're a content machine"

A friend had asked me for business advice.

She told me about a Youtube channel she started to help people sleep better and asked how she could monetize it.

My answer was simple:

1. Create a private “list of videos that will never be on Youtube” and tell people if they want to get access to it they have to give you their email.

2. Send emails after selling them stuff through stories.

This is because building an email list is the #1 way to grow your business.

Even if you don’t have a product to sell of your own right now, you could easily sell affiliate offers or just build a relationship with the audience as you figure out what you can offer them for money.

Next, I explained how to write highly hypnotic emails that convert and my framework for writing them.

It was at this point when she said…

"But Adrian, you're a content machine!

What about for people like me, who aren't?"

My answer was blunt.

"Become one."

She said "Maybe I can just hire a copywriter."


Again, bluntly, I said

“Become a copywriter.”

Too many people want to outsource HIGHLY VALUABLE skills that can be carried into any business endeavor.

And at the start of your entrepreneurial journey, outsourcing vital things like this is a mistake.

If you choose not to learn the skill you miss out on the many lessons that come with learning that skill that every business owner should know.

Copywriting, for example, shows you how to use words to influence people to do what is best for them.

This skill will make you a lot of money.

There is no runaround to becoming a great salesman and marketer.

You will lose if you choose not to dive deep into these skills.

Get the reps in.

I've written a piece of copy a day for 5+ years now (by hand for a year)

I've written thousands of posts.

Thousands of emails.

Tons of articles.

Recorded hundreds of podcast episodes.

And before all of this I've written 1000+ plus pages worth of essays (all written by hand)

I didn't get good at these things overnight.

I put the reps in and still hack away at it daily.

There comes a point for delegation..

But don't be so quick to delegate yourself right out of a skill that could literally change your life.

Even if your first business fails like mine did, you will keep the skill and carry it over into your next endeavor.

You can’t lose.

Skills pay the bills.

Reps. Reps. Reps.

It's the secret sauce.


PS: Want to learn from founders in different industries on what they’re doing to get their customers without investing loads of capital? Click here.



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