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A Quality Pitch That Bombed And Why

Please...don't be this guy, or gal.

I was thoroughly impressed.

It’s not everyday that I receive a cold email pitch that grabs my attention.

Let alone to my personal email, I guard that email pretty tight.

But somehow someone found it and sent me a pitch this morning.

One that made me pay attention.

The subject line read: "book more calls" loom for Adrian

Here was the email itself:

“Hey Adrian,

Just checked out your website. Congrats on getting booked on 52 different podcasts in only 12 months.

My name is Ervin. We help 7-8 fig coaches to convert high ticket clients faster in 30 days through DFY email marketing.

Some of the companies we've written for are Dan Bolton, Maya Elious, and others you may know.

Anyway, I know you guys might be pretty busy planning your marketing for 2023...

So I went ahead & shot you a 5min Loom video, think it can help you book more qualified calls from your list.

I used this to help our client to generate 110K in 30 days so I think it can help you too.

What’s your preferred email I can send it to?

- Ervin

P.S. If you don’t want me to contact you again, just reply with “SHOO.”

This is a damn good pitch in my opinion.

Here’s a few reasons:

  • First off, he got it sent to my tightly guarded personal email, so I actually saw it. He dug around a bit for that I suppose.

  • The subject line intrigued me. It said my name, which caught my attention. And it said “loom” -- so I thought… “Did someone really make me a video?”

  • If he made me a video, that would be impressive enough. As it’s not daily that you receive video pitches.

  • The body started with my name, and highlighted a specific accomplishment that I talk about in my marketing. I know this guy did some research, more than most people sending cold pitches.

  • He didn’t spend much time talking about himself, only two lines, then completely went into what he had for me.

  • The email was short and formatted in a way that was easy to read.

  • He wasn’t making a huge ask. He was just asking to send me a video, an easy yes.

I liked it a lot.

It actually made me smile.

But there was one big problem.

I don’t sell high-ticket.

Well, not really.

I just work with one DFY client at a time, starting at $20k.

But it’s not something I push because enough people are lined up to pay for it.

The fact of the matter is, I am not trying to get high-ticket sales out of my list.

Our goals aren’t aligned.

In other words…

The targeting was off.

I am not the ideal client.

So this email fell flat.

In fact,

I even told him it was a good pitch, but I also told him to “Shoo” because I didn’t sell high-ticket.

This is a key-part.

When you are marketing, make sure you are marketing to the people that are willing to buy your stuff.

The most quality pitch means jack-shit in front of the wrong people.

This is why I spend my time marketing to the people and organizations that have my ideal buyer -- this gets me an endorsement from them -- turning a percentage of their audience into mine.

Then I can sell them shit.

And my marketing at that point will be to highly targeted people, because I’ve spent my time gathering those people from other complimentary audiences.

This means they are my people. My niche. My buyer.

The power of marketing to complimentary audiences cannot be underestimated.

This is why podcast guesting is a powerful strategy to implement.

It positions you in front of the right people over and over again.

Especially when you know how to find and pitch the right shows, which I show you how to do in my Power Pitch course.


Here are the lessons that can make you damn good at pitching from this guys email:

  • Mention the name of the person you're pitching in the subject line.

  • Mention their name and a specific thing that shows you know who they are.

  • Be genuine in the above two parts.

  • Be short.

  • Make the first “yes” easy.

  • Pitch the main sale in a video.

And most importantly…

  • Target properly…

  • Which you can do by leveraging other people’s audiences.


PS: If you want to see how I build highly targeted lists by getting featured on podcasts in my niche then click here.



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