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A Warning For All Entrepreneurs From AppSumo’s Founder 

If there is anything that I love more than writing, it's listening to entrepreneurs share their stories about how they built businesses.

On Thursday I was listening to one of my favorite shows, 

“Start Up Stories” hosted by Andrew Warner.

He was interviewing Noah Kagen, the founder of AppSumo, about his new book.

And at the end of the interview, Noah said something that I think every entrepreneur should hear.

He said,

“Quick warning out there for everyone. I put up a Youtube video last week, and we have millions of subscribers, but only 9000 people saw the video. 

Same with podcasts. Since Apple doesn’t auto download anymore, most podcasts saw a 30% drop in downloads.

This was a great reminder to go and get an email list.”

He then goes on…

“If you don’t control your audience and your customers, but instead the platforms do then you are very likely to get screwed.

Without an email list, you are not in control..”

Ahh, this is a drum that I’ve been beating since God knows when.

Stop renting your audience!

By renting I mean building your audience off the back of social media, or any form of media where you do not own the platform.

Got 1M subs on Youtube?

You don’t own any of those subs.

Got 100K followers on TikTok?

You don’t own a single one of them.

Got 10k followers on IG?

You don’t own a single one of them.

Get 80k downloads on your podcast a month?

You don’t own a single one of them.

And any day you could lose it all.

In fact, one of my best friends had built a 6-figure fitness business on the back of his 150k+ IG followers.

Until one day, Zucky flicked him away like a booger.

>> His account got disabled <<

His email list?

Only 200 people…


Talk about “screwed” 

So, my fellow entrepreneur, let me remind you:

If you do not own your audience, then you are building a business on rented land.

And you’re playing one very dangerous game.

Thankfully for you, my membership “The Email Profit Society” has some trainings in it that will show you how to grow your email list by 100-300 subscribers every single month (without ads)

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging there.

I’ll also show you how to make 4-5 figures in sales (every month) from that email list.

Fair enough?

Here’s the link to read up on The Email Profit Society:

-Adrian “In Control” Moreno


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