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How To Be Hard To Forget

It’s not everyday that you get blown away like this.

And now, I can’t get this off my mind.

I can’t stop thinking about it.

I want more.

And I’m eagerly waiting to see if there is going to be more.

I’m talking about a show I got turned on to this past weekend.

Its called “Undone”

The story starts with the main character, Alma, getting in a crazy car crash - and while she is recovering in the hospital she discovers that she has “Shaman” abilities in her roots.

Specifically, she discovers that she had this ability to alter time.

From there, things get pretty mind-bending. 

She meets her dead dad in “another reality” and they try to figure out the truth about how he died and preventing it, so he can avoid dying.

To do this Alma begins testing her abilities and playing with the past, present, and future in this really interesting way.

It's not just a sci-fi thing, though;

 "Undone" gets deeply into family stuff, mental health issues, and reality itself.

In fact, it’s taught me a few lessons.

Like happiness can be an escape and that if you want to be truly free you have to to let go of all feelings, even good ones, because you will always be limited if you let feelings become you.

It’s a phenomenal series.

But I’m not writing this email to just tell you about how amazing this show is or what I learned from it.

No, no - I’m writing about this show for one reason:

It’s ability to be unforgettable.

One of the things that is real interesting about this show is that it’s animated.

It’s not your typical animation style either.

They use an effect called “rotoscope”, mixing real actors with animated stuff.

Here’s a snapshot from the show:

I was thinking the whole time..

“You know, this show could have went without using this effect, it still would’ve been phenomenal.”

And then I stopped and realized,

“But this is smart, because the style of the animation alone is enough to make this hard to forget.”

And that is what you want you need to do if you want to survive in 2024 and beyond with your business.

Be hard to forget.

Every single day there are more coaches, consultants and “experts” being born - competing for the attention of your potential buyers.

Which means it’s becoming easier to be forgotten.

Easier now more than ever.

And with everybody letting AI write their content and following the same social media tactics - it’s like you’re sure to be forgotten about.


You become hard to forget with your marketing.

How do you do that?

Tell unique stories that aren’t being told in your market.

This alone will give your brand a different “feel” to it, just like this show “Undone” has accomplished.

Not only is the animation style unique, but the story told inside the show is so different that you can’t help but remember it.

Stories have this amazing ability to “imprint” the subconscious mind by creating an experience.

Which is why using them as the center of your marketing efforts will turn you into a “Purple Cow” - standing out amongst the rest.

Even if you sell similar products and services as the next person…

If you tell better stories, you’ll be more captivating and therefore - hard to forget.

You’ll be different.

And different wins.

Now, if you’re interested in learning how to turn stories into high converting sales emails in a way that pulls in prospects like a magnet then hit the link below to read up on “The Email Profit Society”

Inside, you’ll see my 5 step framework that will have you pumping out high converting story based sales emails like this one.

Here’s the link:




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