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How To Decrease Spam Complaints Drastically

(By Sending MORE Emails!)

Yes, you heard that right.

More emails = less complaints.

A beautiful paradox that if you implement will only thicken your wallet and give you more options.

The other day I was opening up my email to do my daily run through.

I enjoy seeing the sales made over night and of course look out for any important emails.

This time (my tightly guarded) personal email received an email which was clearly a blatant pitch.

I didn’t know who the sender was.

The name rang a total of zero bells.

Even the subject line made me cringe.

They clearly didn’t know who they were emailing.

Anyways, I open the email and read the first line and immediately realize it’s a pitch as it starts off like:

“It’s finally here!”

With a short skim, my suppositions were confirmed.

What did I do?

Spammed the email.

I doubt I ever opted into this person’s database.

If I did I must have forgotten.

And that right there is the problem.

“I must have forgotten.”

You see, when you don’t email your list frequently enough people can (and will) absolutely forget the fact that you and your offer even exist.

They have their own shit going on, stacked with an endless stack of emails already pitching her.

What makes you think a monthly email or once in the blue moon email is going to get people to “remember” you?

In today’s world - it won’t.

But still, so many list owners are doing jack shit with their list or doing some pathetic “monthly newsletter.”

The solution?

Send emails every goddamn day you are alive.


Just commit to writing for life. It makes it easier.

But you should write for life. Or at least try to.

Just spend 15-30 minutes writing one email that is a sales email and you’ll make money while doing it.

While having less spam complaints.

People can’t and won’t forget about me (whether they do or don’t read my emails)

I’m in their inbox every damn day. Once, twice or even three times a day.

My unsubs? Lower than you’d expect.

My Opens? Over 50%.

My clicks? Over 12%.

My buyers? Enough to make sure I never have to worry about money again.

So, despite what your favorite “goo-roo” said about email marketing…

Daily emails will drive down spam rates and drive up your sales.

Especially if you write like how I show my students how to in The Great Email Profit Writing System.

It’s an email marketing system that is sure to make sure you never have to stay up until late night worrying about where your next sale is coming from.

Hit the link below to read more about it.




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