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The "Dirty Rule" Facebook Lives By

And How This Concept Can Make Your Business Soar

You ever wondered why Facebook bought Instagram?

Well, let me tell you..

It had nothing to do with dethroning Instagram.

Since the acquisition the Instagram user base has only grown.

From 30 million to 1.3 billion to be as a matter of fact.

So, put on your thinking cap…

Why would Facebook buy Instagram?

Slip your feet in Zuck’s shoes for a second.

Your social network has a user base of 900 million, and this “small dog” called Instagram starts barking.

You ignore the bark at first, but for some reason…

It just won’t shut up.

The truth is clear as daylight, Instagram is dope and people love it.

I don't know about you, but if I were Zuck the first thing I’d think is,

“Okay, that’s how it starts. Before I know it this Instagram thing will be huge...

But since I’m a billionaire and cash heavy, I’d much rather buy Instagram instead of competing with them."

And that’s what Facebook did.

It wasn’t a move to dethrone them.

Instead, Zuck knew he could use his user base from each platform to grow one another.

Facebook didn’t buy Instagram to wipe them out.

No no no...

They did it to acquire the information of those 30 million people.

And that is Facebook’s dirty secret.

What they do is see upcoming social media companies, like Snapchat, and create similar features (Facebook stories) to take market share.

If that doesn’t work, they outright buy the company if they can to acquire the “list” of that business.

That’s taking market share.

Go ahead and sound off and tell me about why you dislike Zuck.

I don’t care, he’s stinking rich.

If you study this man’s mind, he’s brilliant.

Now I’m not saying you or I will ever be rich enough to spend billions buying companies.

But what we CAN do is go find our dream “list” and turn them into our lists.

That’s what I do.

How I "Buy" Lists Of Dream Customers

Again...I'm not billionaire and I currently don't have the cash to buy companies and acquire large lists of customers.

But I can still get access to those lists.

Even if I don't get direct access, I can get indirect access.

Either way, I'm getting to add dream customers to my email list.

And that's the entire point of all of this.

>>> Building an email list <<<

With a list, you have the power of reach.

With a few clicks you can send a sales email to a highly targeted group of people and make people's salaries in a few days.

And unlike social media, nobody can take your list away from you.

You OWN that data.

Andrew Tate didn’t lose a dime when he got banned on all social media.

He had an email list with millions of fans and buyers….

You think he had trouble selling them shit? Hell no.

This is the power of building a list that you OWN.

Which is again, why Mark Zuckerberg decided to aquire Instagram.

He wanted that list.

He was chasin' the bag 💰

And I've figured out some ways to grow your list so you can have swollen pockets.

Best part?

It doesn't cost a cent.

An Easy (And Free) Way To Build Your Email List With High Quality Leads

Every single day I wake up to at least 10-20 new people on my email list, and as the day goes on a few more trickle in.

Doesn't sound like a HUGE number I know...

But this list is full of people who are very likely to buy from me.

Why? Because...

  • They're highly targeted

  • They're the exact customer profile I'm looking for

  • They have the problem that my product solves

And not only that...

But they respect me.

Respect, my friend, is the cream of the crop when it gets trying to get people to buy from you over anybody else.

It's not about trying to be known, liked and trusted like the guru's of today preach.

There are people you know that you won't buy from.

There are people you like that you won't buy from.

There are even people you trust that you won't buy from.

But the people you buy from? Those are the ones you respect.

Heck, I don't even like Trump, but I respect him -- and that's why he'll likely get my vote if he runs. Even if I don't like him, I'll vote for him.

You probably don't like Zuckerberg, yet you use his platform. Your voting with your usage that respect the value of what he has done.

Respect is king.

But how do you get customers to respect you?

One quick and easy way is to be endorsed by a company or organization that your ideal customer already respects.

"A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message." — Mark Zuckerberg


The key is simple.

  • Get endorsed by a company or organization that your ideal customer already respects.

This works so well because when someone you respect tells you to do something or recommends something, you're very likely to follow them.

If your favorite celebrity began dressing in a particular brand, you'd begin buying that brand.

We all do it.

So if an person or organization that you liked told you to go buy from another company, wouldn't you do it?

Chances are, yes.

We all seek guidance from respected peopled.

So when you get endorsed to an entire audience it brings flocks of ideal customers into your world — aka, join your list.

Your pool of opportunity.

How I Get Endorsed To Other People's Lists

Now that you know the key is to be endorsed to the audiences of the people and organizations your customer follows, let me share with you the number of ways I do this.

1.) Guest On Podcasts In My Niche

The number of podcast listeners is estimated to reach half a billion listeners in the next year and a half.

With all of these eyeballs, a huge marketing opportunity has opened up.

And podcast audiences have been statistically proven to have audiences proven to buy higher than any other marketing channel.

There's something powerful about being able to market your brand on a brand that somebody is a huge fan of and is entirely immersed into the listening experience.

Podcasts also allow you the perfect platform to leverage the power of story-telling.

Stories are the easiest way to push people's emotional buttons and influence them.

So I go and guest on a podcast that I know has my ideal audience and “knock their socks off” with cool stories.

At the end, every hosts asks me, “How can the audience follow you?”

I then drop ONE link -- a lead magnet that gets people on my email list.

Then I use bad-ass content like this one to convert them into fans and customers.

I go out like Zuck, find my dream lists, and turn them into my owned list.

I’m just not a billionaire and I don’t look like a robot.

But my needs (and more) are met beautifully. And I'm handsomer.

Want to learn how to pitch these podcasts in a way that gets you booked on more than one a week? Click here to check out my Power Pitch Program where I show you how.

2.) Pay For Performance Podcast Sponsorships

Again, you know the power of podcasts for marketing and getting ideal buyers onto your list.

But you can do this by sponsoring those podcasts, and doing it on a pay for performance model.

Remember, podcast audiences are gold-mines, especially for coaches, consultants and experts.

So the entire point is to get in front of them.

You can do this by offering to sponsor someones podcast, and do it on a pay for performance model.

For example, after guesting on this guys podcasts, we became friends afterwards.

A few days after I texted him telling him I had an "interesting" idea.

"Mention my course at some point during each episode, and send them to a link that I'll track to you, and for every lead who buys down the line, no matter when, I'll give you $350."

I even wrote the ad for him and proposed it all at once.

We agreed to do it and it worked out, and still is working out for us greatly.

3.) Pay For Performance Email Promotions

It's basically the same idea from #2, but I apply it towards email lists and email newsletters.

I'll find someone who runs a business with my ideal customers.

I then offer them a chance to check out my course, and if they see how it can add value to their customers, then they promote it to their list for a 50% commission on every sale.

Once they go through it, see that is valuable and relevant for their customers, it's very difficult to say no to such a proposal.

Especially if it brings cash that you don't have to lift a finger for.

I write all the promotion emails for every email promotion partner and set up all the tech, taking everything off their hands and just giving them money for the sales made through their link.

4.) Email Cross Promotion

Another way to get access to other people's list, is to offer them a cross-promo opportunity.

For example, my friend Jason had an amazing content framework that his clients were crushing it with.

After seeing the training myself, which was free btw, I knew immediately that my list had to see it.

He also did an interview with me on his podcast in the past, so I knew he already knew the value of what I did.

So I proposed a simple idea:

  • I'll write a simply three email campaign that sent his list to my list by offering them a lead magnet.

  • I'll also write three emails sending my customers to your training. He's training was hosted in a group where he got their emails.

A big win/win that worked out well for both of us.

In fact, it still works today as we both ever-greened the email sequence for all future customers.

5.) Affiliate Relationships

This is the main way I sell my course and make 6-figures doing so.

And that is by finding organizations that have my ideal customer as their customer base.

I make sure these organizations also have products & services that my course can compliment and not compete with.

For example, my course shows course creators how to sell their courses by getting booked on podcasts in their niche.

I can find a coach who helps people create courses and have them promote my service as a cross-sell.

Of course, we then split the sell.

You just have to find the right way to integrate your product or service into their customers experience.

It's a win, win, win all the way around.

I wrote an entire article on how to find, pitch and land profitable joint venture affiliate relationships.

In Conclusion

Be like Zuck and go find lists of your ideal customers.

This is how you grow without having to spend tons of money.

It's not really a "dirty" secret either, it's just a smart one.

The key points to remember here are:

  1. Focus on building an email list full of ideal buyers

  2. Do this by finding people and organizations that your ideal customers follow.

  3. Propose an idea like the ones I shared above to to be endorsed by them.

This is a fool-proof way to build a list full of ideal buyers like Zuck did when he bought Instagram.

Oh, and if you're interested in building your email list through podcast guesting, click here to see how you can do it.

How are you currently building your email list? Let me know in the comments below 👇



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