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What To Write When You Don’t Know What To Write

Say "Bye Bye" To Writers Block Forever With This Simple Trick

I’m sitting here in this hotel room, on a large brown desk , overlooking a highway with what seems to be an infinite flow of traffic.

To the left of the highway is the neighborhood I grew up in - “Eastside 02” - what called it back in the day.

Although it’s being ‘gentrified’ and calming down a ton as a result, it was always a place of more violent people, gang members, drug dealers, addicts and prostitution.

My dad watched a grown man get murdered before he turned 12.

It wasn’t where most people wanted to be back in the day, but I loved it.

My family still owns two properties there, both have been in our family for a long (and short) 104 years.

One is currently being knocked down and rebuilt. The other will be next.

We’ll still own them. We are going to Airbnb them for a few years until they are worth a few milli.


That’s the left side of the highway.

Now, let’s move on to the right side if the highway.

This side, the one i’m on currently, is the beginnings of the “Westside”

Huge high rises, fancy restaurants, nicely dressed people and some of the most expensive cars and houses you’ve ever laid your dirty little eyes on.

My heart will always have a spot in its dark and broken corner for the Westside.

I spent seven years of my life going to school there from Monday through Friday every single week (aside from winter, spring and summer breaks)

Hell, I lost my virginity in the Westside.

I experienced my first “achey heart breaky” in the Westside.

I got arrested for the first time in the Westside.

I got in my first car wreck in the Westside.

I almost drowned in the Westside.

Hell, I even stripped for the first time in the Westside (I’ll save that for another time)

You know, now that I think about it. That little corner in my heart for the westside just got a tad bigger.

With all this said, I bet you’re wondering…

“What the hell is the point of this? What does this have to do with writing?”

Well, my little email savage, this has everything to do with writing.

Especially when you don’t have a clue on what to write, which even happens to me, “Poppa Profit”

You see, when I sat down to write today I had no idea what to actually write.

I felt blank. But as you’ll see, that is no reason to not write.

Instead of closing my lap-top in defeat, I just began writing what was in my immediate environment.

I did this for two reasons:

1. When you describe what is around you, it paints an image in the reader's mind that makes them feel like they are with you, which connects them more to what they are reading…and you.

2. When you just start writing... Something will come to you. Every single time.

And if you know anything from reading my emails, you know that any story can be turned into a sales message and offer.

I write about the most mundane things and still turn them into cash grabbing emails.

For example, I could’ve taken this email a few ways.

I could’ve gone on to say, “Like these two places (The Eastside and Westside) live in my heart, the key to making anybody buy from you is to etch yourself a “corner” in their heart.

Trigger them emotionally, pull on their heart by creating marketing messages that are so memorable that they live on forever in their brains until they buy from you (which they will)

And “I can show you exactly how to do that in my blah, blah, blah…”

Or I could’ve stopped at how the people on the westside live, and how their lifestyle differs so much from how my childhood was.

And how I always dreamed of being able to have money like people on the westside, and how now I’m writing from a really expensive hotel in the westside - because I learned a skill that pays me more than I’d ever imagined I could make.

Then concluded with the pitch, “The best part? I can teach you this skill too…in my new blah, blah, blah.”

You see?

ANYTHING can be turned into a sales message.

The key is to just get writing.

Even if you don’t have a fucking clue about what you’re going to say.

And the best way to get your brain moving and ideas turning is to begin describing what is around you.

Not only will it make your audience feel more connected to you, but more importantly - it will get your brain turning - and your snazzy little mind will spit out some money making content.

Worst case scenario?

You’ll get another rep in and be an even better writer.

And that’s it for today’s email, Young Grasshopper.

I can’t give you too many secrets right now.

People who pay me for them would get angry.

So what you should do is join The Great Email Profit and I’ll reveal every last one of my dirty little email writing secrets that are sure to bring in sales every time you press *send* to your list.

The high school teacher that told me I was a waste of oxygen would shit his khaki pants if he saw the income I bring in on a daily basis by a mere 30 to 60 minutes of effort.

And inside this course you’ll make everybody who ever doubted you bite their teeth when they see the success, luxury and freedoms you’ve etched out for yourself.

That’s really what this workshop is all about.

Acquiring a skill so powerful that you can create success, no matter what.

Even when all the odds are stacked against you.

Here's the link:



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