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Why "Irresistible" Offers Don’t Sell

Alex Hormozi Lied To You

Having an offer that is so good it makes people feel stupid for saying “No” isn’t the secret. It sounds good, but in reality, it doesn’t work. Let me demonstrate this to you: After writing my email for the day yesterday I was scrolling Youtube Shorts killing some time. When all of a sudden this brilliant video came on. You may have seen his videos, the name of the channel is “BigDawsTv” and he just pulls a mixture of mindless and well-thought out pranks. This video in particular was him walking around with a $100 bill, asking people if they’d like to exchange $1 for it. “Would you like to buy this $100 for a dollar?” he asked multiple people, and to my surprise… They all said no. Most of them barely gave him the time of day. Some laughed and walked away. Others looked upset for being bothered and kept walking. While a few of them said “What’s the catch” and still walked away after he explained that there is no catch. “Too good to be true” some call it. But… Isn’t that an irresistible offer? Who in their right mind would turn down $100 for a puny little $1? That’s the problem. They are not in their right mind. They are in THEIR mind. Consumed by yesterday, tomorrow and everything in between, including all the reasons they “don’t want to buy” your stuff (which are all bs) Just like most of your prospects. You could have the best offer in the world, but if you do not preframe the mind of your prospect - aka “open them up” to fully embracing the beliefs that you are trying to transfer over to them, then they won’t buy from you. If this guy would have gone up to homeless people asking the same thing, do you think any of them would have said no? Absolutely not. Even if they didn’t have a dollar, they’d go get one in 10 minutes or less. Why? Because they are pre framed properly. They need it. And you need to make people believe that they need to buy from you in order to solve their most painful problems. Remember, people are *always* preoccupied with their own world, focusing on what matters to them. Thankfully for you, if you sign up for The Great Email Profit I will show you how to get any buyer in the right frame of mind to buy your products and services like a crackhead buys crack - no matter what is going on in their head at any given moment. Prospects will start throwing money at you while you sleep when you get this right. It’s the exact thing I’ve used to hypnotize thousands of people with the sound of my voice as a hypnotherapist - now I apply it to my emails to get prospects in the frame of mind that causes them to give me their hard earned money as an email marketer. Best part? I don’t even need my voice anymore (bye-bye sales calls!) I just use the written word. And I can show you how to do the same exact thing… You’ll quickly become one of the most dangerous marketers in the world.

Tap the link below to learn more. -Adrian PS: I just applied this little "hypnosis" trick in this post... did you catch it??



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