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Why Podcast Guesting Won't Fix Your Dying Coaching, Consulting Or Expert-Based Business

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

And What To Focus On Instead If Your Business Is Crumbling

I know I know...

What am I thinking?

I literally make a living selling a course that teaches coaches, consultants and experts how to grow their business by getting booked on podcasts.

Why would I come right out and say to those exact people that my course isn't going to fix their business?

Because it's the truth.

And I care about my customers, aka you, enough to tell you it. Regardless of what it does to my sales.

I'm in this for you — through and through.

The Ugly Truth About The PR Industry

So, in a way, I'm in the PR (public relations) industry.

Because public relations refers to the process of controlling and sharing information about a person or a company with the public in order to shape how they view that person or company.

Podcast guesting... is literally just that.

You control the information about your story and business by choosing what shows to share it on.

Most people guest on shows because they want to do one, or both of these things:

  1. They want more customers, and they believe more brand visibility will bring in those customers (which is true).

  2. They are building a personal brand and want to position themselves as a "Thought Leader" in their industry.

Is podcast guesting a good way to accomplish both of those objectives?

1000% YES!

But it's not a guarantee.

The sad fact is so many PR firms and booking agents sell podcast guesting like a magic pill.

For example, two days ago I saw an ad on Instagram.

The headline said: "The Secret Method That Is Making Coaches Millionaires."

The offer?

A booking agent who will get you booked on podcasts.

This was my reaction when I saw the offer.

As someone in this space, my skin crawls when I see this shit.

First off, no, it's not a "Secret method."

PR has been around forever.

Secondly, it will NOT make you a millionaire.

Heck, I've been booked on almost 80 different podcasts (at the time of this writing) and I am still no millionaire.

Podcast guesting is simply another way to grow your personal brand, thought leadership and as a result, new business comes in.

But ONLY if you're business isn't one somebody would categorize as a "waste."

If Your Coaching, Consulting Or Expert Based Business Is Failing Here Is What To Focus On BEFORE You Start Podcast Guesting

If you have a business that is hanging on by a thread, I promise you that podcast guesting isn't going to be a magic pill.

There are likely other things that are not being effectively executed, and once you fix these, then and only then will I suggest podcast guesting.

First... and I know it sounds clichè...

But check your attitude.

Success, money, and all of that good stuff plays by certain rules.

One of those is the rule of vibration.

If you find yourself consistently feeling sad, angry, guilty, shameful or resentful then it will be very difficult for you to do anything successfully.

Think about your office...

If you had an old beat up desk, an old computer and bookshelf that was falling apart, before you could bring in any new furniture...

You have to first remove the old furniture.

In the same way, if you want to pull in financial abundance but you got no room for it, how can you expect it?

Now, I'm not trying to go super deep into this topic here. If you want to go further into it I recommend you grab my friend Waju Abraham's book, Money Whisperer.

Here's a big tip to make room for more success: let go of hurt. Forgive yourself.

With that covered, let's get into the "practical" things that are likely keeping your business stuck.

1.) Create an offer so good people feel stupid saying no.

A lot of times if you aren't having people give you money consistently for your services, then it's likely because your offer SUCKS.

It's not easy to get somebody to give you money for a shitty offer.

For example, nobody pays for a "therapist."

But they will pay for "overcome your anxiety in 8 weeks or less or pay nothing."

It could be the same product, but put together differently in an offer can make it more appealing.

I truly believe having a good offer is one of the reasons some businesses blow up and others don't.

If you need help building an offer that is so good people feel stupid saying no, click here to take Alex Hormozi's free course where he walks you through how to do it.

Click here to start the course:

2.) Fix your product and make the customer experience exceptional.

Another reason you likely don't have a great business is because your product and customer experience sucks.

Want a good test to see whether or not you have a great product?

Here it is...

"How many referrals do you get?"

If you're not getting enough, and if at least each customer doesn't tell one person about your product then....

Your product sucks and it's not as good as you say it is

Good products mixed with good marketing sell easily once you get those first few customers.

Word of mouth is not something to be underestimated.

It's a force to be reckoned with.

If you want to make your client experience better, my buddy Ben and his business partner Jay wrote a killer book on how to do it.

3.) Refine your messaging until you nail it.

When I first launched my course, all of my messaging was "Get booked on 5+ clients a month!"

It wasn't pulling in too many sales and the traction was less than impressive.

So instead, I began talking about being a thought leader who no longer spends all their waking hours grinding away on social media to clients, but instead, be chased by clients -- then the sales started to pour in.

I'm still refining it, but the point is if you have a great product and service but shitty and dull messaging, then you won't influence others the way you want to.

You have to speak the words they are thinking in their minds.

Doing this is the only way to resonate and truly connect with prospects.

My friend Jaqueline Yvette is the best in the game when it comes to helping you refine your messaging until you find something that hits.

She did a free training on it that I loved and learned a ton from.

4.) Set Up A Repeatable Sales Sytem



Not people's favorite, but I assure you, without them...

You will fall flat on your face and end up back in the work-force.

Now, I'm not an expert of creating systems. Mike Michalowicz does, and he has an awesome book on how to set up systems successfully. Grab his book here:

But the most important system you need to have in place, at the minimum, is a dialed in sales process.

For example, here's mine.

Step 1: Download a lead magnet, typically this one:

Step 2: They then get added to my email list.

Step 3: Using an aggressive 16 email follow up sequence I convert those leads into buyers by sending them to my course sales page:

Step 4: If they don't buy in the first 16 emails, I add them to a daily nurture list where I follow up until they do purchase.


Repeatable and works like a full system that does not need me to be present.

So, if you don't have a consistent sales system like this, then it's important you don't fill up your list without it -- because the list will go dry.

You want to get the MOST out of your leads, this means you need to follow up the moment they show interest.

If you don't have this, you'll get a bunch of leads that you can't even convert because you have no repeatable system to do it.


The only reason podcast guesting works great for me is because I have...

  1. A killer offer that is hard to say no to.

  2. A great service that generates word of mouth referrals.

  3. My messaging is dialed in. I know who I am talking to.

  4. I have a repeatable sales system in place.

So, if you do NOT have these things in place then take a second, and put the cart before the horse.

In other words, take care of these key foundations to a successful business.

If these are out of whack, there is no point in gaining more visibility for your brand.

Think about it, if you have a shitty offer, why drive more traffic to it?

If you have a shitty product, why sell more of it?

If you don't even know how to communicate with your prospects the value of what you do, then why get on podcasts and try to refine it live?

It's not a smart move.

Get ALL of these things in place and then trust me, podcast guesting will be a great move for your coaching, consulting or expert-based business.

Even then, don't bet on podcast guesting to make you rich.

It's just one way to grow your brand, but it will only give you the best return if you have these other things in place.

When you're ready to start podcast guesting, my course here will show you how to do it.

Aside from that, get to work on the things that need fixin'.

What was your biggest takeaway from this? Share it in the comments below, and please share this article to someone who may need it!



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