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Why You Need To Think Like McDonald’s

“Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.” – Peter Drucker

If you would like to get more clients, more frequently and with less “chase” then read this short story.

It was described by an early McDonald’s executive.

In the middle of a boardroom meeting Ray Croc (The owner of McDonald’s) asked his board what business they were in.

Each one of the board members said things like,

“We’re in the food business.”

“We’re in the burger business.”

“We’re in the hospitality business.”

And so on.

But they were all off target.

After everyone answered, Ray Croc stood up and said with a smirk on his face:

“We’re in the real estate business.”

Not because of the massive value from the McDonald’s properties themselves (The payments they’ll get from franchisee’s for owning the land of every McDonald’)

Instead, Ray obsessed over the massive value of their locations.

His strategy was simple:

Place our restaurants where busy people are likely to be hungry.

What they did was integrate themselves into the high traffic points where their ideal customers were.

Yeah McDonald’s is a cancer to society IMO, but this is nothing to throw salt at.

I know, it’s not fancy.

But fancy doesn’t always work.

What works is the unchanging principles behind every marketing tactic ever created.

And I choose to run my business by one of those principles:

Only fish where the fish are and ignore (everything) else.

That’s why one of my (two) main acquisition strategies is to spend a few hours each month being featured on podcasts in my niche.

I know that my ideal customer is already listening to podcasts (and podcast listenership is only growing) - so I get featured on them as a guest.

Some listeners in the audience are hungry at the right time, and they end up joining my email list and you guessed it…

Giving me their hard earned $$$.

Like McDonald’s, I integrated myself into high traffic points where my ideal customers were.


And if you’re a coach, consultant or expert who works in anything related to these niches:

1. Health/fitness

2. Business/Marketing

3. Personal development

4. Relationships

5. Parenting

6. Investing

7. Spirituality

I assure you… podcasts are a GOLDMINE for you too!

Especially if you use the time tested process I lay out inside of The Power Pitch Program.

Not only will you start getting more eyeballs on your offers, brand and business, but as a result you will grow your list, get more clients, more customers and attract other profitable opportunities.

And since every coach and expert is focused on social media to grow their business - you can “Zag” when everybody “Zigs” and get a leg up on the competition.

But I promise… one day…. People will flood this acquisition channel and opportunities will be harder to come by.

(However, it’s still super early and the ones who start taking advantage of this as a marketing strategy NOW will win in the long run.)

Here’s the link:




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