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My name is Adrian Moreno. I’m an entrepreneur, writer and podcaster. My content focuses on growing businesses without capital.


"Damn Adrian, You Got Fat"

These are the five-words that changed my life. When I heard them in 2017, I knew it was time to change.

I had gained 100 pounds in a short four-year period, and my friend was directly calling me out on my BS. Little did I know, this was the start of my entrepreneurial journey.

After hearing those words, I went on to lose 91 pounds in nine-months.

During that time I had found myself training my friends who also wanted to be in shape. I was doing it for free, not thinking anything of it. And then one day my friend Aaron looked at me and said, "Why don't you start getting paid for this?"

Within three months I found myself making my first Facebook post announcing that I was now taking on personal training clients at $30 a session.


I worked with 30 different people and realized that there was no real money in this business model. A good month was $1500. So I knew I had to figure it out.

This led me to hiring my first mentor, Sterling Griffin, which turned out to be another life-changing decision.

I was introduced to "high-ticket" services, as well as marketing, copywriting, selling and product building.

After 27 sales calls and 27 no's, I got my first $1500 client. From there I went on to generate over $350,000 in 24 months.

During this time I wanted to become a hypnotherapist because I saw that weight loss was only behavior change, so I wanted to master the art of behavior change.

Within a year of studying I became a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist and began using hypnosis to work with clients. I thought, why not apply what grew my fitness business to my hypnotherapy business?

- I was adding “ideal clients”
- I was posting like you wouldn’t believe
- And yes, I was still DM’ing 100 people a day.

But I went 6 months without getting a single client...

To make it worse? My savings were dwindling away and I was scared out of my mind. Then one day… I got invited to go speak to a mastermind on zoom one day.

Only 9 students showed up to that call, but afterward, 3 out of the 9 became clients of mine.

That was $15k from a single talk…

This is when I had the epiphany.

"Instead of marketing to my direct customer, why don't I just market to the people who already have my ideal customers?"

This is when the idea of “Podcast guesting” entered my mind.

Podcasts are kind of like masterminds. Even if it’s a small audience, it’s an engaged audience.

And when you’re on podcasts, you have the perfect opportunity to tell stories to that engaged audience. So I spent all of 2022 mastering the process of finding and getting booked on podcasts with my dream audience.

This saved my business and turned things around, pulling in multiple six-figures in only 12 months.

At this point I became obsesses with getting clients without spending tons, or any capital.

Before I knew it, I found myself in love with playing the game of marketing and building businesses.

After losing everything, coming back from it through experimentation, my goal is simple...

Share everything I've learned and everything I will be learning as I continue to grow my businesses so you can do it without enduring the pain I've had to.

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