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5 Email Marketing Myths That Are Costing You Money

I was on a podcast yesterday, just yapping about email marketing. You know, as one does.

And the host, she hit me with an interesting question.

She asked, "What are some common beliefs about email marketing that are just flat-out wrong?"

And man, did I have some thoughts on that. So many, in fact, that I figured I'd share 'em with you too.

Because here's the thing - there are a TON of myths and misconceptions floating around out there about email marketing. And if you buy into 'em, they could be costing you some serious cash.

But I managed to narrow it down to the top 5 myths that are probably costing you the most cash. So, let's dive in and set the record straight, shall we?

Myth #1: "Nobody reads emails anymore"

This is a cute one. Especially when you consider that a 2024 study done by ZeroBounce showed that damn near everyone (99%) with an email address checks their inbox daily? 

Sounds to me like folks are reading plenty of emails. (Including you).


Myth #2: "People hate marketing emails"

Okay, sure. SOME people might get their panties in a twist over your promotions.

But those ain't the people you want on your list anyway. 

The ones who stick around? 

The ones who feel some sense of connection every time they see your name in their inbox? 

Those are your people. 

And trust me, there's enough of 'em out there to give you a pretty great life.

Myth #3: "Daily emails? Way too much"

Only if you're doing it wrong, my friend. 

If your emails read like some corporate drone wrote 'em, or if they're about as relevant to your audience as a pride commercial for Budweiser drinkers? Then yeah, daily might be a bit much.

But if you're being it real, entertaining, and most importantly… useful, then your subscribers will gobble your words up like it's mama's home cooking.

Myth #4: "Social media is where it's at now"

Pffft, please. Let’s do the whole statistical thing.

  • Average email click-through rate? 3.57%. 

  • Facebook? A paltry 0.07%. Twitter? 

  • An even sadder 0.03%. 

  • Hell, even Instagram only clocks in at 0.22%.

Plus, thanks to the almighty algorithm, only a tiny fraction of your social media followers will even lay eyes on your posts. 

But with email, you can count on a solid chunk of your list opening and reading every single time.

So yeah, I'mma stick with email, gracias.

Myth #5: "Email marketing is just for online gurus"

Wrong again amigo. 

I don't care if you're slinging coaching programs, courses, physical products, or frickin' potato peelers. If you've got an email list, you can (and should) be using it to get clients and customers.

The key is just to focus on providing value and building real relationships with your subscribers.

Do that, and the sky's the limit. (Even if nobody knows who you are right now.)

So there you have it.

5 email marketing myths, thoroughly debunked. 

If you've been buying into any of that nonsense, now's the time to snap out of it - so you can start counting the pile of money that is waiting for you in your email list.

Which brings me to my pitch:

If you want to double, or even triple your sales with emails, then you NEED to get your behind inside The Email Profit Society, like yesterday.

It's a community of coaches, course creators and consultants who are all mastering the art of making the "mail money".

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