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Better Than Kajabi, Thinkific, And Teachable (Or Any Course Platform Out There)

Trust Me, Migrating Over Is Worth It.

Have you ever spent tons of hours, maybe even days (or weeks) creating video content for a course, only to have nobody actually go through it?

Or maybe you did have some people go through it, but like 3% of them actually finished.

Even if the ones who paid thousands for the course…why aren’t they finishing it?

Because let’s face it — courses are boring.

Think about the last course you bought or the mastermind you invested in that had course material.

Did you actually finish the entire thing?

Chances are, you didn’t.

Like you, I loved creating content and helping people achieve their goals, but hated the fact that my clients seemed to have a love-hate relationship with actually going through the course material.

I mean, I put so much time and effort into building these courses, I even went as far as telling my clients that it’s “required”, but it seemed like that fell on deaf ears.

It was like my courses were the “uncool kid” at school that no one wanted to be friends with.

I tried everything to get my clients to engage with my courses, but nothing seemed to work.

And then one day, years after I had created my last course, I was needing to find another way to get people to consume content.

I had something that I knew would help a lot of people, and I didn’t want to just sell it for nobody to finish it.

So I started to research alternatives.

Along my search, I stumbled upon a course-building platform that was far different than any other one.

It took a few Google pages to find it, but when I did I realized I had stumbled upon a goldmine for course builders.

And in this article, I am going to share with you what I had found, and how this can finally get your clients to finish your courses and receive the benefit.

I’ll also take some time to share with you how you can use this course builder to increase sales too, which is an easy possibility with this course building platform.

A Unique Solution To A Common Problem

All I could think when I was going through the landing page of this course-building platform was “Thank God someone made this.”

The creator used gaming psychology to break down how games keep humans engaged, and applied the factors that video games use to an online learning environment.

This is smart because if you think about it, video game developers have already cracked the code on customer consumption and engagement.

By studying what those components are and using them in a course environment you can create the same psychological triggers that move someone toward wanting to complete something — like people want to complete “levels” on story mode.

Your course curriculum could be treated as the “story” that customers have to complete to get an award or achieve a specific outcome.

And using gamification factors to influence customer behavior will be a sure way to get them to finish.

I’m sure you’re wondering what course-building platform I’m talking about, and that platform is Xperiencify.

Xperiencify: The Experience Builder

The reason why Xperiencify is better than all of the other course-building platforms out there is that it’s not just a course-building platform.

It’s an experience builder.

It takes into account the customer journey as a full experience and then created the factors that enrich that experience.

Thanks to that, I have 7X’d my student completion rate.

This turns any online learning material into an actual experience for customers, increasing not only the completion rate but also the enjoyment of a customer's experience with your product and brand.

With that said, how exactly does Xperiencify do this?

The Gaming Activators That Xperiencify Uses To Increase Customer Engagement

In this section, I will dive deeper into the specific gaming activators that Xperiencify uses to create an interactive and enjoyable learning experience for my customers, resulting in high completion rates, more up-sells/cross-sells, and ultimately, a larger impact.

They are simple but trust me when I say, they get the job done.

#1: Points

Incorporating a points system into a course is like adding a layer of excitement, where learners can earn rewards for their progress and achievements.

If you think about it, all of the most exciting games include an element of gathering points from taking actions and hitting certain milestones.

So when used in a course, it’s like playing a game where the goal is to collect as many points as possible.

Xperiencify does a great job of this by helping you easily add points to your learner's journey and customize how many points your customers get for completing different tasks throughout the course.

These are originally called “XP’s” or “Experience points” — however they recently made it possible to rename them anything you want.

#2: Variable Rewards

There was an American psychologist by the name of B.F. Skinner who conducted a famous experiment on the behavior of pigeons using a device called the “Skinner Box.”

He put a pigeon in a box and gave it food as a reward for different actions.

He found that when the pigeon was rewarded for doing a certain action, it would do that action more and more.

Skinner would also change when he rewarded the pigeon, “surprising” them with a reward rather than rewarding them every time.

However the pigeons would continue doing the action it was rewarded to do whether or not they were actually getting a reward, this is because the anticipation for another one drove the desire to grow — and conditioned them.

Xperiencify uses variable, or surprise rewards that can easily be added throughout the customer journey to keep customers engaged in learning, making them more interested by surprising them with rewards...especially when they don’t know when they are coming.

#3: Urgency & FOMO

Urgency refers to creating a sense of immediacy or time pressure, which can be used to motivate learners to take action and complete the course.

With Xperiencify you can set a deadline for completing a course, offer a bonus module, training, or even a full bonus course for completing the initial course in a given time.

This creates a lot of urgency for those who want to “put it off til’ later.”

FOMO, on the other hand, refers to creating a sense of scarcity or exclusivity that can make learners feel like they are missing out on something valuable if they don’t take action.

With Xperiencify you can make certain content disappear after a set amount of time, driving more customers to complete tasks to access the content.

#4: Social Proof

In today’s world, people are heavily influenced by social media and the online world. Part of this is driven by the desire for social approval and validation, which is a powerful motivator for many people.

However, most traditional online courses are designed to be completed in isolation, with little to no feedback or interaction with others.

This lack of social interaction can be demotivating for learners, and can lead to low completion rates.

Xperiencify addresses this issue by incorporating fun and interactive ways for learners to get important social approval and feedback while they are taking the course.

For example, it can include a social leaderboard, where learners can see how they are performing compared to their peers, or a discussion forum where learners can interact and share their thoughts with others.

Not only that, but you can connect it to a Facebook group and when a client achieves a certain goal or completes a milestone, you can automate a post that celebrates and acknowledges that client.

Pretty genius if you ask me.

#5: Community

We all know the power of a workout buddy.

They help us push through those “I can’t do this” moments and remind us that we’re not alone in our struggles.

Similarly, a supportive community can make all the difference when it comes to staying motivated and on track with our learning goals.

As the saying goes, people may come for the product, but they’ll stay for the community.

Xperiencify gets this and that’s why it’s like a virtual cheerleader for your students, creating a community that welcomes and supports them from the very beginning.

You can set this up with an automated welcome post for each student and an open forum on the welcome page of your course, like an “in-house” community where students can introduce themselves, ask questions and share wins.

#6: Celebrations

Player milestone & achievement celebrations are a beloved aspect of virtually every video game.

And it’s no surprise why — it feels great to be recognized and celebrated for our efforts, especially when it’s unexpected.

Unfortunately, this type of celebration is often missing in traditional online courses, with learners only receiving more work as a reward for hitting their goals.

This can be demotivating and lead to low completion rates.

To combat this, Xperiencify incorporates the concept of milestone & achievement celebrations into its courses, helping learners to feel constantly recognized, validated, and motivated.

With Xperiencify, you have the ability to create 6 different types of celebrations, such as awarding badges, displaying leaderboards, or sending personalized messages, to make the learning experience more enjoyable and engaging for your students.

It’s SUPER easy to create and you can time it perfectly to happen at very specific moments in your student's learning experience.

#7: Personal Touch

The best games are those that personalize the experience to the player, responding to their actions and creating a customized journey.

This level of personalization is a major factor in why they’re so addictive.

But why should this level of personalization be limited to just games? With Xperiencify, courses can now offer the same level of personalization.

Xperiencify acts like your own personal e-learning assistant, constantly watching and analyzing your students’ progress and behavior to find ways to create an amazing experience for them.

The Experience Engine calculates exactly what each student needs to stay engaged and motivated, resulting in deeper engagement, more action, better results, and an increased likelihood of repeat business.

It’s truly like having an eye on every one of your students and customizing the experience they have based on where they are at in the learning journey.

The Big Highlight And Difference Maker

Now that you know the seven different gamification factors that Xperiencify uses, which one of them is the one that makes the biggest difference?

In my opinion, what’s called the “Experience Engine” is what I believe, is the big difference maker.

With the Experience Engine, you are able to create a true experience by customizing an entire set of events that turns a boring online journey into one where the student feels recognized and inspired.

The level of personal touch you can add is insane.

For example, when my client completes 50% of the course, I can send a text message acknowledging them for being someone who takes action.

I can also make upsells and cross-sell offers to my students at the right time.

In my course, when a student learns how to research and find podcasts to pitch, I send them a text message letting them know that we have a DFY service and ask them if they want us to take what they just learned off their hands.

The conversion rate is high because of the timing.

It’s Great For Getting Students Back On Track

And when students fall off track, because it happens, Xperiencify makes it easy to automate a set of messages that get sent out and specific times to remind the student why they joined, show them what’s possible and get them back on track.

When my students don’t log in for a week, I send them an automated text and email asking them if they’re okay and reminding them why they started.

When they don’t log in for another week, there is another message, and this goes on until the customer logs back in.

This happens without you needing to lift a finger after you set up the automatic triggers.

Easily Customize Your Course Page

The course page itself can be easily customized and made to fit your brand with a super easy, drag-and-drop custom course page builder.

Allowing you to easily add certain gaming factors and change what your students see at certain times.

For example, when my students get a certain number of points, I can reveal the “Bonus” tab where they now have access to a bonus as a reward.

The course itself also looks different than your typical boring layout, changing the feel of the entire thing for the customer.

You can also create quizzes and add specific assignments for your students to complete after going through certain training, and of course, reward them for doing so.

How Much Is Xperiencify?

Xperiencify comes at three different price ranges:

Those are the three price points, with the Growth plan being the one that most people get (it's the one I’m on).

And the best part about their pricing mode is that you actually don’t have to pay a single dime until you actually publish and go live with your course.

This means you can build your course and fully customize and test the entire thing before you ever press publish and go live.

Whether that takes you two weeks, thirty days, or sixty — you don’t have to pay until you are ready to begin marketing and enrolling customers.

What It Looks Like For A Customer

“Home” page/welcome video

Below the welcome video

The first module preview for students to see (There next steps)

Training page layout

Action items that you can add under each video (fully customizable)

The main training page where the students can see all the videos/modules (fully customizable).

Continued: The main training page where the students can see all the videos/modules (fully customizable)

Continued: The main training page where the students can see all the videos/modules (fully customizable)

Continued: The main training page where the students can see all the videos/modules (fully customizable)

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Xperiencify is a game-changing course building software that addresses the major issue of low course completion rates by implementing gamification techniques that keep customers engaged.

Compared to its competitors like Kajabi, Thinkific, and Teachable, Xperiencify stands out as a superior option for creating and delivering high-quality, interactive online courses.

Its innovative approach to course design makes it a valuable tool for educators, trainers, and course creators looking to increase student engagement and improve overall course completion rates.

If you’re in the market for course-building software, Xperiencify is definitely worth checking out.

And remember, you don’t have can build your entire course without paying anything. You only pay when you publish your course and go life.



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