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Earl Nightingale’s Secret To “Raking In The Dough”

Common Sense... But Common Sense Isn't Common Practice.

It’s simple.

We’ve heard it before.

I’ve even gone as far to say that it’s cliche.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

In fact, Earl Nightingale used this to grow his net worth to $2 million by the time he died in 1989.

(FU money back in the days)

I used it to dig myself out of a hole of debt and build a business that makes me more than 99% of the people I graduated high school with… while barely working.

You see, when I was hiring coaches for tens of thousands of dollars to grow my business I kept being told the same thing.

- Send 50 friend requests a day to ideal clients

- Post content to engage leads

- Make 2 step posts

- Engage in the DM’s with said leads

- Somehow pull out their goals or challenges

- Offer a call

- Do a triage call (if they show up)

- Do a 60 minute sales call (if they show up)

- Sell them a high ticket service.

It was like the song “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton

It annoys you but still everybody won’t stop talking about it.

So when I started my new (clientless) business I thought…

“What is nobody teaching? And how can I just do that?”

This is Earl Nightenagale’s secret…

“Watch what everyone else does – do the opposite.”



“The majority is always wrong.”

This is why I created The Great Email Profit Writing System.

I don’t show you how to use social media, DM’s or sales calls to get clients.


That’s not my style. Those things grind my gears.

Instead, you’ll discover how to get an army of buyers without doing any of those.

In fact…

All you gotta do is write one email a day.

And I can show you how to do in les than 30 minutes a day (and wake way more sales than if you would have hours on end chasing clients on social media).

Here's the link:



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