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Sadhguru Explains Why He Doesn’t Eat Meat (This Shocked Me)

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

And what this has to do with becoming an elite marketer.

It was April of 2017 and I was about 15 pounds down on my 91 pound weight loss journey.

One of my friends told me about this new documentary called “What The Health”

If you haven’t seen it, it’s basically a documentary that demonizes meat consumption.

Of course, it got me.

“I am going to finish the meat I have in my freezer (I don’t like wasting money) and I am never going to eat it again.” I thought.

And I followed through. I’ve been vegetarian for six years now.

But a year or so in I went through a “spiritual awakening” that showed me how our thoughts and feelings create tangible changes in our world.

I then thought, “Okay - I will eat meat again. I don’t believe it will hurt me, so it won’t.”

But before I did… I stumbled across a real life guru -- Sadhguru.

I forever bow to this man for the changes he’s caused in me.

But one thing in particular, caught my eye.

I saw this Youtube video explaining why Sadhguru didn’t eat meat, me being in a weird place between not eating it and considering going back to eating it, was very intrigued. So I clicked.

It starts with a young man asking Sadhguru why spiritual masters don’t eat meat.

Below was his response (word for word):

“Every life is happening the way it is happening because of a certain dimension of information, or software.

Now the idea is to eat as simple a software as possible.

If you eat the kind of life which is a very simple software, your ability to integrate it and make it entirely a part of you is good.

As that software gets complex, your ability to integrate it goes down.

Emotions make it complex.

So if a creature has some sense of emotion, you should not eat it.

If it has emotion, you should not eat it.

That is the understanding

An animal that displays emotion, especially if it displaces emotions which are near human emotion, you should not eat it because it will not integrate itself.

This is not a faith thing, not a religious thing.

It is a fundamental sense.

Eat simple software.”

And that is why I choose not to eat meat.

I prefer to keep the software I eat simple and without emotion.

A cow is likely very anxious before it’s slaughtered, why would I want to shove that down my mouth afterwards?

I keep it simple in my eating.

But not only do I keep it simple in my eating, I keep it simple in my marketing.

The more complex I try to get, my conversions go down.

On the other hand, the more simple I get, my conversions go up.

So here is my simple marketing strategy:

1. Get people to enter my email list through podcast guesting, guest blogging, email cross promos and cheap ads.

2. Make offers to that list every day with stories (like this one)

3. Deliver digital products that require no time fulfillment.

And I make what some would call a “killing”

All from my computer.

It’s simply beautiful.

So here is a reminder to keep it simple stupid.

And go fill up your pockets.


PS: Want a way to build your email list that doesn’t require ad spend? See how I do it here.



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