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How To Come Up With Things To Write About Everyday

I had a student ask me a good question on our group call this past Wednesday.

I was checking up on her and asking her how her daily emailing is going.

She replied,

“I’m still coming up with stories to write about everyday.”

And like her, I know there are lots of others who feel this way.

And if you feel that way then too, then I got some good news for you.

Coming up with ideas to write about every single day is simpler than you think

But us humans, oh boy do we love to complicate things.

I get though, we’re trained to overthink these days.

And it’s exactly that that will stop you dead in your tracks.


So I told her that the trick was simple:

“Just write,” I said.

“Write about what’s happening to you everyday. Write about the conversations you're having with your kids. Write about the conversations you’re having on your podcasts. Write about the stories you’re hearing from your clients. Write about all of it.”

On the spot, I then came up with an email for her in front of everyone.

What was it about?

About the fact that she was taking her kids to school late.

You see, she was in her car, and her teenage kids were right there too, late for school as momma was parked listening in on a coaching call.

And since she helped other moms build businesses online, I used this to share the beauty of being able to run a business from home.

Yeah sure, her kids may be late sometimes, but they grow up spending more time with her since she worked from home with an online business.

And since she had a coaching program to show moms how to build online businesses, how could you not write about this event?

It’s that simple.

And that is my advice to you as well.

Look around you and write what you see.

And if you want to get good at turning these stories into high converting emails then I invite you to join The Email Profit Society.

It’s a membership with a group of coaches, experts and consultants who are all sharpening their skills and making money with email.

Aside from education on how to make money with email, I also do weekly “Live Writing Sessions” with my members.

On these calls I write emails live, edit people’s emails, help them come up with things to write about and answer questions about their current marketing campaigns.

It’s only $35/week.

One sale a month will pay for itself.

Want in?


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