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How To Waste $1k A Month

Short story for you…

I was on a coaching call with a 1-1 student yesterday.

We took a look at his cold email campaign (which is getting him new subscribers day) and refined his sales process for the leads that were entering the funnel.

After we did this, he was asking me about other lead generation strategies.

At which point he brought up social media.

“I have a VA who is making content, editing my reels and posting on my social media, but it’s not doing anything. I pay him $1k a month and not a single lead has come from it.”

I see this all of the time.

People do non client getting activities, and wonder why they don’t get clients.

You see, posting content on social media isn’t necessarily a “client getting” activity.

It does not directly translate into dollars, and with the algorithms changing today, that is only becoming more and more true.

Posting on social media is a brand building activity.

Yes, maybe posting reels will get you clients, but not directly - and not anytime soon.

I asked my client,

“What is your desired outcome with reels?”

His answer?

“More clients.”

Aha - so he was wasting $1k a month.

He’d be better off using that $1k to add to his adspend, which was already giving him new email subscribers daily.

Or he could use it to buy targeted lists of leads so he can build his list using my “Stone Cold” email campaign process, which was already giving him new subscribers everyday.

These subscribers then turn into sales using my “5 Lever” email writing framework.

So why not double down on what’s actually putting money in your pocket?

Why not double down on client getting activities?

This is why I love email marketing.

It’s a direct client getting activity.

Everyday I make offers to my list - and I get brand new buyers every single week.


Because I am making offers and not making reels.

And if you want more sales, you gotta make more offers, and do it in an extremely compelling way… to many people at once.

Just like I’m doing with this email.

And my friend - I can show you how to do the same thing.


I’ll show you how to do two things:

1 - Add 100-300 subscribers a month to your email list


2 - Make 4-5 figures in sales (a month) from that list

The entire roadmap is inside of my community:

“The Email Profit Society”

It’s a group of coaches, consultants and experts who are mastering the art of selling (anything) by email.

And right now I’m taking on some new members.

So, if you want the full details, go ahead and tap the link below…

Here it is:




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