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I Probably Shouldn't Share This But...

It’s something I think you should hear.


Especially as an entrepreneur.


Some years ago I met this woman.


Honestly, she was one of the prettiest women I’ve ever laid eyes on.


And lucky for me, I somehow got her to fall in love with me.


This, here - is when I made the biggest mistake of my life.


One that a lot of men make.


I’ve seen women make it too,


And it’s the cause of much unnecessary suffering.


The mistake?


I made her the center of my world.


In other words, I put her on a pedestal.


Nothing came before her.


I told her this everyday too.


Until one day, she got up and left.


Just like that.


Like a breath.


Poof - gone.




My head went to shit.


I began diving more into my old vices.


Ignoring my closest friends.


Dwelling in self-pity.


And worst of all…


I was losing focus on moving forward.


But me being the storyteller I am, I looked for the silver lining.


The lesson.


The story I can tell.


And I found it.


“Never put anyone on a pedestal.”


You see, people like this woman come into all of our lives.


They mesmerize us.


Absolutely captivate our entire focus.


And “wow” us with who they are.


So we tend to put these people on pedestals.


We see them as this perfect human.


And worst of all,


We become attached to that version of them.


Which is a problem because people change.


Feelings change.


Old things die.


Flowers that once bloom always wither away.


My point is people will let you down.


Or should I say, your expectations of people will let you down.


But you know one thing that you will never let you down?


A mission.


I’m not saying I was aimless,


I had a mission.


But it took a backseat when this woman kissed me for the first time.


I lost hold of what mattered.


And I’m not saying people don’t matter,


But they cannot and will never stay on the pedestal you put them on.


Your mission is the only thing that cannot and will not let you down.


You are the only one who can let your mission down, not the other way around.


For me, that mission is simple:


Create generational wealth for my family.


And now, with that being the center of my world, I’m progressing faster than ever before.


The best part?


I’m not feeling bad for myself anymore.


My mission simply doesn’t allow the time or space for that.


So I ask you…


What’s your mission?


To create generational wealth for your family?


To be the best (______) to ever live?


To be the best father you can be?


To help 1 million people?


What is it?


Without one, you're aimless.


You're unstable.


You're like a table standing on one leg.


Not only that,


But your ability to influence people will plummet without one.


Think about it.


Have you ever met someone who was aimless that you wanted to follow?




Even women will flock to a ugly man who has a mission.


It’s nature.


The universe yields to those with missions.


So, define yours.


Put it on a pedestal.


And go after it with all you got.



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