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What Being A Hypnotist Taught Me About Marketing

If you don’t know by now..

I spent a lot of time hypnotizing people.

I made hundreds of thousands of dollars doing it.

But even more valuable than the money…

I discovered what makes people act.

Being a hypnotist gave me direct insight into the many people’s subconscious minds.

I saw what was behind every single decision made (or not)

This gave me an upper hand when it came to marketing.

Because when you market you’re aiming to influence the decision of another human being.

Like hypnosis.

When somebody hired me, it was my job to influence them to make a powerful decision to change their identity.

How did I do it?

I accessed their emotions, the ones behind the “issues” they brought to me.

I’d get them into a trance by slowing their brain waves down.

In this state, I used some guided imagery to help them “find” the root cause behind their issue.

For example:

A client came to me with social anxiety.

When finding the root cause, it would be common for the them to go to an experience where they tried to speak up but was shut down by a parent.

Then being emotional, they’d say things like “My voice doesn’t matter.”

And boom… that became a core belief that “stuck” to them, and influenced them to act in a certain way.

In other words… there was an emotional “identity” behind their anxiety.

And unless we dealt with that problem on an EMOTIONAL level, their identity would stay the same — and they’re problems will stay the same.

Now… what this have to do with marketing?

Well, let’s go back to that thing I told you about marketing.

When you are marketing, you are doing it to influence the decision of another human being.

And what drives people’s decisions?

Their identity.

Your identity is the driver behind every single decision you have ever made or ever will make.

And your decision is upheld by core beliefs about yourself.

Like “My voice doesn’t matter.”

This is a core belief about oneself.

It then builds and sustains an identity.

The identity is built on an emotional level, not logical.

So you can’t logically try to sell your product.

It must be done emotionally.

Remember, decisions come from our identity.

In order to hit somebody at the “identity” level in your marketing, you absolutely must create an emotional experience inside of the prospect.

This is why every one of my marketing materials is built on stories.

I use stories to sell.

Because stories paint pictures in people’s minds when you tell them.

They literally put themselves in the scene of a story, which means they are identifying themselves with the story.

Even better, these pictures in ones mind influence their emotions.

All pictures create feelings in people’s minds.

For example…

Close your eyes and picture someone you love with all of you.

Do you see things inside of you begin to change?

This is what I did in my hypnosis sessions.

I took my clients to memories in their minds, aka ‘mental pictures’

These brought up all of the emotions associated with that experience.

Then we did some creative visualization and timeline therapy to change the picture in their mind.

This changed them.

People overcame what seemed to be lifelong habits in as little as an hour because of this process.

Now when it comes to marketing, I do the same exact thing.

I use guided imagery, or stories in my copy to begin “painting pictures” in my prospects minds.

The goal here is simple:

Create an emotional experience in them.

When they are emotional, guess what I can do now?

Speak to their core beliefs. Their core self. Their core identity.

Putting me in the perfect position to influence their decision to buy.

It’s not different.

“My voice doesn’t matter” Is a story people tell themselves.

And these stories influence them to live their lives the way they do.

Stories are hypnotic in their very nature.

No matter what, if you begin telling good stories that dig into core of a human being — you can influence them to take whatever action you want them to.

So stop creating surface level shit.

Stop marketing like everybody else.

Stop trying to do what everybody is doing.

Instead, get dangerously good at story telling — and begin using that to your benefit.

Speak to people’s identity, not just their material desires.

For example, if I’m creating a sales letter to sell my course on how to get booked on podcasts, I’m not going to just focus on “getting booked on podcasts and getting more clients.”

No, instead I’m going to talk about how they’re clients, colleges, friends and family are going to react when they see them becoming more and more successful AND industry famous.

I speak about things that will happen to their reputation because of the influential people they meet through podcasting.

I then speak to them as if they were thought leaders, and address them as if they were already thought leaders.

I get them to picture themselves as an amplified or better version of themselves.

I get them to visualize a new identity.

You see how this works?

It’s simple.

This is what being an elite marketer is about.

And if you want to become a success entrepreneur, you must be elite, or even savage in your skillset of influencing others to make decisions.

You can’t play the big entrepreneur game and suck at marketing.

No marketing sucks more than that of sucky marketers.

You know, the marketers who only talk about how cool their gadget is.

You’re not a sucky marketer now, are you?

I’d hope not.

If you’re not, join us:



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