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What I Didn't Learn From Investing $100k Into Masterminds

And It Blows My Mind As I Look Back....


This is what the calculator total's up as I added up every dollar I've spent on business coaches the last few years.

And it's just NOW... (while I'm not in any business coaching program)....that I'm discovering one of the most important lessons.

Seeing that this ONE thing is the foundation of some of the most successful businesses in the world it's mind blowing that I've never once had a business coach teach me this.

Let me say...

If you aren't doing this ONE thing then you aren't really building a business.

Rather you're renting one.

What do I mean?

What is the ONE thing that I'm talking about?

The ONE Thing That Makes Doing Business Easier And Much More Profitable

Picture this:

You're a high-ticket coach and course creator who helps people master their creative writing skills.

After only 12 months in business you've earned $317,000 -- far greater than what you've ever would've imagined.


You spent the last six years building a large and loyal following on Instagram.

Over 200k people follow your content.

So, when you were ready to start a coaching and course business, the moment you announced it you had a large amount of people sign up and buy from you.

Using Instagram, you're able to make $317k in 12 months. Amazing, right?


Every Online Business Owners Worst Nightmare

You login to Instagram only to realize...

Your account has been permanently deleted.

You had reach to 200k+ ideal customers to market to whenever you wanted...

To suddenly not having a single ear to listen to you.

What would happen to your business if this was the case?

Not fun....

Not fun at all.

The Solution: What Every Business Should Be Focused On

Sounds like a nightmare, right?

Well this happened to a good friend of mine.

He didn't break any of IG's rules, but with some haters reporting his page, it got removed.

Overnight he lost all of his deal-flow.


Everything would have been solved if he just would've spent those years building an EMAIL LIST instead of building a social media following.

And that right there is something I was never taught.

As I sit back and look at all the business coaches I've invested in...

Not one of them told me the importance of building an email list.

Let alone, HOW to do it.

Instead I was taught how to build my business using social media tactics.

Why is it a solution?

Put your thinking cap on.

If my friend would have built an email list of 200k instead of a social media following of 200k, the moment he lost his IG he could've just started a new one and emailed all 200k people to let them know...

"Hey, I lost my original IG account. Come follow me on my new one...."

Even better...

He could have emailed his entire list a new offer and made hundreds of thousands of dollars...

And still been okay...

More than okay.. and profitable.

Instead... he has to start over from square one.

Why An Email List Is Beyond "Important" To Business Growth

If you didn't get it with the story I just shared you...

There's one big reason why every single business should be focused on growing an email list.

And that is because when you depend on social media to get leads and deals...

What you're saying is that you are renting your pool of prospects from those social media platforms..

But you don't own them.

Just because I've built a following online doesn't make my business secure.

Any day those social media platforms can shut me down or worse... be shut down themselves.

If either of those things happens then POOF... there goes all the potential business.

This is the dangers of "renting" a list.

The only real way to get the upper-hand and build security in your business is to build a list that you OWN.

How do you do this?

Through building the list...

With an email list you able to make money at any point in your business.

For example. If I needed $10k to pay for a vacation, I could just create an offer or get an affiliate offer and send it to my email list.

A single email blast could make me tens of thousands of dollars, even hundreds.

It's not the same on social media.

Not only that, but email is known to have a 1 to 42 cash on cash return, social media is 3x less than that.

Which means I have a 3x more conversions by simply focusing on building up my email list.

How To Build An Email List

Now that you know the importance of building an email list, you may be wondering....

How do you actually build one?

There are tons of different ways, but one of my favorites is something called Podcast Guesting.

Here's how I do it:

  1. I make a large list of podcasts that I KNOW have my ideal customer.

  2. I create a pitch using my Power Pitch framework.

  3. Then when I get booked on the show, I deliver good content.

  4. At the end of the episode when asked, "How can the audience follow you?" I reply with a lead magnet. Ex.) "You can go to to get my 3-step framework to xyz without xyz"

This simple process works like a charm because the shows I get booked on are highly targeted and are FULL of my ideal buyer.

After getting a chance to high-light my expertise, the audience is highly interested in me as a person.

At which point I'm able to turn that "rented" list into my "owned" list.

Every single day I get new email subscribers because of this.

If you want to learn how to do the same, click here to see how the Power Pitch Program can help you get booked on 5+ podcasts in your niche every month (so you can get more high-ticket clients.

In Conclusion...

Don't be a fool and build a business without building an email list.

Doing that is the equivalent to buying a computer without access to the internet.

Cool to have, but of no real value other than the fact that you can say you have a computer.

The REAL power in business comes from building a list that you OWN...

Until today there is no other way to do this other than building an email list.

If you fail to do this, you are renting...not building a real business.

Remember that.

Want help building a list? Here's one way to do it >>>



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